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Star Fleet Away Team 1 by Raven x

Star Fleet Away Team 1 by Raven x


All Alien Away Team 11 highly detailed, 32mm & Legion Scale, miniatures of an Next Gen, Voyager, DS9 Starfleet away team for use with Star Trek adventures the tabletop roleplaying game or any Role Playing Game. This set contains:

1 Andorian, 1 Bolin, 1 Caitian, 1 Tellarite, 2 Benzite, and 1 Denobulan, 1 Edosian, 1 Klingon, 1 Saurienne, & 1 Xindi Primate species.

These miniatures are designed for use with the Star Trek adventures roleplaying game or any other Role Playing game you can think of.

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